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At Brave,  we have fun as we do life together. Our passion is to see people know God, pursue their purpose and discover the true life that comes from being a part of a Jesus-centered church community. When we connect, we grow.

everyone has a next step. what is yours?

meet BRAVE →


This is a fun, relaxed environment where you can hear all about the heart and soul of Brave, connect with other families, and find out how to get plugged in.

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We were never meant to do life alone. All people were created for community and nothing is more fun than doing life with the people you love. Connect Groups exist for us to connect to one another and to God. It is amazing what can happen when you are surrounded by a community of believers!

join the dream team →

The church is more about a movement of people than it is a meeting place for people. We believe it is a privilege to serve others and we do it with passion. Join the movement. Whatever your gifting, interests, or schedule- there is a place for you to serve on the Dream Team!

be brave →


At Brave, we believe that we become whatever we are committed to, and without a commitment to grow, any growth that occurs will be circumstantial. We are passionate about intentional growth. Be Brave is our membership class where you will grow through being committed.

“A healthy church is intentional about growing spiritually healthy people.”

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